Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Subscribing to PEP-Web Archive with a 24-Hour Journal Pass

If you purchase a 24-hour journal access pass via our database PaDS, you gain immediate access to, and can print journal articles (but not books) from the PEP-Web Archive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to contracts with publishers, there is a three to five year embargo on most current content.  For the embargoed years, only abstracts and article summaries may be read on PEP-Web. However, the full text of all years is still completely searchable, making it easy to find relevant articles.  To see the list of journal embargo dates go here.  For embargoed content, you can browse the tables of contents up through the current issue, and searches include the complete text of the articles, but only the titles and abstracts (or summaries) will be displayed.

For embargoed content, you may check the publishers website.  To see the list of publisher websites, click here.

ALSO NOTE: For the 24-hour subscription pass, only journals are available, not books and videos.

Click here to see a list of the journals available.

The cost of a 24-hour journal subscription is $55.  Click here to register on the Psychoanalysts Database (PaDS) and subscribe to PEP-Web for 24 hours.

Please note that all subscribers to PEP, whether they use PEP-Web (online) or the PEP DVD Archive (installed on to their personal computer), must first register with the Psychoanalysts Database (PaDS).

Updated January 5, 2024