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The PEP-Web Archive, which can be browsed for FREE, allows users to search for titles and to read abstracts and extracts of the entire back catalog (up to and including some of the most recent editions). Version 2019 was published in January 2019 and includes the 74 journals listed below.

Anyone using PEP-Web can search the full text of all articles from these journals up to and including years placed in the brackets of each journal.  Without a subscription,  you will only be able to view abstracts or a paragraph.  The complete text of journal articles is available to PEP-Web Archive Subscribers.  However, due to contracts with the publishers, there is a three to five year moving wall (embargo of current articles) for most journals.  Each year the wall moves one year forward.  You can browse the table of contents up through the current issue, and searches include the complete text of the articles, but only the titles and abstracts (or summaries) will be displayed for articles in the embargo period.  For details on how to obtain and receive the full text of the embargoed volumes, see links to journal publishers.

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New in Version 2019

The new content includes:

Luzifer-Amor is a German-language journal focused on the history of psychoanalysis.

This release means that another year of the current publications move out of the publisher’s embargo period: subscribers now have access to the 2015 issues of current journals with three year embargoes, and 2013 issues of journals with five year embargoes.

Complete List of Journals in PEP-Web: