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59 Premiere Psychoanalytic Journals

The PEP-Web Archive is the quintessential website for psychoanalytic scholarship, with the full text of 59 journals dating back to 1918, cross-linked to each other and full bibliographic references to external sources, and where a multi-source psychoanalytic glossary is a click away for any technical term.

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96 Classic Psychoanalytic Books

The complete content of Sigmund Freud’s Standard Edition where each paragraph is cross-linked to the corresponding text in the German Freud Gesammelte Werke.  Including 96 books from classic authors such as Bion, Bowlby, Klein, Meltzer, Winnicott, and many more.

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Full-Text Searchable Videos

A curated collection of archival video lectures and documentaries, now includes original videos sponsored by grants from PEP. All videos have full-text transcription allowing full-text search and direct access to any part of the video by clicking on the text.  More original content to come!

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Peer Review Discussion

For the first time in the history of psychoanalytic journal publishing, you can view the development of working papers submitted to the International Journal of Psychoanalysis before peer review and selection. You are invited to join in a peer discussion of those papers and to see the reports of the formal reviewers

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24 Hour Video Subscriptions Now Available

PEP is proud to offer a way to access the PEP Videos, if you are not a PEP subscriber. We are offering a Video 24 subscription, which allows viewing for any of the videos in a 24 hour period. For only $9.99 you can view a large array of videos including the renowned...

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Announcing video previews!

We are very pleased to announce a new feature on PEP-Web: Video Previews. Currently, PEP-Web can be searched without logging in, making the powerful database of psychoanalytic literature useful to everyone. Now we’ve added a video preview feature, to allow...

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Announcing the new “Quick Search” feature!

We are very pleased to announce a new feature on PEP-Web: Quick Search! The new Quick Search field allows you to perform word and phrase searches of document content without first going to the search tab. It’s available at all times at the top of the PEP-Web page,...

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Announcing the PEP-Web 2016 Release!

We are very pleased to announce the release of the 2016 version of the PEP-Web Archive.  The annual release means that another year of the current publications move out of the publisher’s embargo period: subscribers now have access to the 2012 issues of current...

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2015 Midyear News Update

2015 Video Competition There will be no Video competition in 2015. If you believe you have a very good idea for video project please contact Find out about the successful film projects here. PEP Author Video Interview Project A new Video Project...

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Announcing a Completely Revamped Author Index

As promised, we are adding many new features this year.  Now, we are pleased to announce that we have completely redesigned the workings of the author index.  This index is now in place on PEP-Web, though we need your help to complete the transition. The author index...

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Announcing a New Feature – Offline Reading!

Now subscribers can download PEP-Web articles to read later, even when not connected to the Internet.  There are two download formats available: PDF and ePub, each with an easy and convenient download button, which you can find on our toolbar (next to the print icon)...

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Announcing a New Journal: IJP en español

It is with huge pleasure that we announce the launch of the Spanish online version of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis – IJP en español (IJP-es). As the third most spoken language in the world, Spanish is also one of the most important IPA languages....

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What’s New!

As promised, we are going to be adding new features to PEP throughout 2015. Today we rolled out a new feature to the IJPOpen Table of Contents where you can change the default presentation order from Section (category) based, to sort instead by the Most Recent...

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Announcing the PEP-Web 2015 Release!

We have great things in store for you this year!  There are lots of exciting new features planned, and rather than our traditional schedule of a data release in January, and a midyear “all-at-once” feature release, we will be starting a new continuous...

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PEP-Web Tip: What’s New?

The “What’s new” section on the left side of PEP-Web shows the latest additions to PEP-Web.  New data is added, as available, towards the end of every week (late Thursday or Friday). So, for example, this week we’ve added: Brit. J. Psychother.,...

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Video now available on PEP-Web

We have now added video capabilities to PEP-Web, and have also added the first batch of videos!  We treat videos like articles, and organize them into videostreams, which are like video journals.  Best of all, the dialog for each video is transcribed, so the full text...

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Automatic Translation of Articles

If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you can have articles automatically translated to your language by right clicking and selecting “Translate to …”. You must have this feature enabled…see here for instructions. We are considering...

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Having problems with the tabs?

Issues? If you are having difficulty clicking on the tabs on the left (e.g., it’s taking you to, it is likely because the site has changed significantly since you last visited. You need to do a “hard refresh” on the page. Sometimes that is...

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