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The Chinese Annual of IJP is a Chinese translation of a selection of papers chosen from the International Journal of Psychoanalysis by the Annual’s editorial board. We plan to publish a new IJP Chinese Annual each year along the same format. We look forward to seeing these future publications and continuing to strengthen our relationship with psychoanalysis in China.

IJP was set up by Ernest Jones with the collaboration of Sigmund Freud in 1920 and along with the IJP Annuals (which contain selected articles from IJP the year before) and IJP Open the aim is to extend IJP’s 95 year role as the global vehicle for communication about psychoanalysis.

The IJP Chinese Annual aims to help develop cross-cultural exchange of ideas, and build stronger links with the analytic community in China, as well as to take a further step in making IJP a truly global journal.

The IJP Chinese Annual is exclusively available online on PEP-Web. An annual subscription gives access to the full text of all volumes published. To retain access you must retain your subscription.

(In the future, previous years’ Chinese Annuals which have been published for at least three years will be part of the pep-web archive and so available to all PEP-Web subscribers.)

The individual annual subscription to the Chinese Annual is USD$15.

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