Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

We are very pleased to announce a new feature on PEP-Web: Video Previews.

Currently, PEP-Web can be searched without logging in, making the powerful database of psychoanalytic literature useful to everyone.

Now we’ve added a video preview feature, to allow articles with videos to show a short excerpt of the video for users who are not subscribers, or whenever you are not logged in.  In addition, the video previews are now integrated into the search feature, so results lists show the preview rather than a static image like before.  If you have previews turned off in the search options at the top of the search results, make sure you turn them on:preview feature illustration

The previews are authored excerpts to give you a good flavor for the video, rather than being just the first moments of the video.  However, this means that we have to take time to author the excerpts, so not all videos are available as previews yet.  We will continue to add them over time, both for new videos and those already published on PEP-Web.

Meanwhile, our video library keeps growing with new videos being added weekly.