Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Currently, when viewing a book of letters/correspondence the first letter/first letter in a series can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinked page number in the book’s Table of Contents.



To move from this letter to the next, it is necessary to scroll to the very bottom of the list of letters displayed in the left-hand side panel.



By clicking on the letter titles in the left-hand side panel, scrolling up from bottom to top, it enables the letters to be read in sequence:




The platform is in development so that letters can be accessed in sequence directly from the item that is open in the reading panel, and for the list of letters in the left-hand side panel to be ordered chronologically. Thank you for your patience while this is implemented.


An alternatvie method to access letters in chronological order is to click on the hyperlinked title of the book on the Table of Contents page:



This takes you to the ‘source’ Table of Contents, where the letters can also be accessed in sequence: