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PEP-Web now has the feature to index an article from another website.  The article will be fully searchable (by the complete text), but only the article information will be shown in search results, along with a link to the external website.  You will still need to read the article on the external website…which also means you will need an account to access to the article on the other site, if it’s not freely available.

Despite not being able to read the article on PEP-Web, this can be useful for researchers, because the article’s bibliographic reference will be included along with other search results when the specified criteria match.

To suggest an article, you can enter the information here.  The article will be reviewed by PEP to decide whether to include it in as an external article of interest on PEP-Web.

Enter the article DOI or online URL. The article should be available online elsewhere, and this DOI or URL should point directly to the article. One good way to find the DOI is this simple search page on crossref:

Please provide the complete information on this article in bibliographic form preferably (Makes it easy to enter by copying it from a reference.)

Let us know why you think this is a useful article to index and link to on PEP-Web

If you have a copy of the article, use this to upload it to our server. Only Acrobat (PDF) files are accepted. Thank you! If you do not supply a copy of the article, we may not have access to it and thus may not be able to full-text index it for search.

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