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New Video Info Submission Form

PEP Staff and Publishers use this form to enter the necessary metadata for a video that’s already approved for PEP.

PEP Video Add Request
Who is submitting this info (must be PEP affiliated)
Enter the video title EXACTLY as you want it to appear on PEP-Web
Videos are organized by Publication year. Like any publication, it's the year it was officially published (not necessarily on PEP-Web).
Videos on PEP-Web are organized by Publisher (equivalent to journal name). Select one of the existing ones if it matches. Or enter the new publisher under "Other" if not in the list. If "Other", please indicate the EXACT name you want listed in the space provided
We combine videos from some publishers in some videostreams, like PEPVS. If the publisher name is not the same as the videostream name above, please key it here.
Volume number of the videostream where the video is to be placed
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Enter the abstract EXACTLY as it should be published on PEP-Web. You can use carriage returns to start a new paragraph.
Comma separated list of keywords to enhance searches. Do not surround words or phrases with quotes.
Used to cross-check that we have the whole video.

Authors / Contributors

IMPORTANT: List all the contributors you want in the metadata, with their name, degrees, title, affiliation, Put only one author in each name field. For multiple authors, use the "+Add Author" button to add additional author fields. All contributors you want listed on PEP-Web must be included with the role you want listed.
List author name, firstname, middle initial, lastname, degrees, affiliation
What is this author's role in this work?
If this author is to be listed in the bibliographic reference to this video, check here. Otherwise, they will appear in the list of support people at the top, but not part of the bibliographical form.

Maximum file size: 41.94MB

If you have an exact transcript of the spoken text, we can now use a transcript alignment service to sync it to the video, rather than having it retranscribed. The transcript should be in text format (not word with "smart" characters), each paragraph on its own line,