Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

This release provides another year of all current publications which move out of the publisher’s embargo period: subscribers will have access to the 2017 issues of current journals with three year embargoes, and 2015 issues of journals with five year embargoes.

This year, we have deferred adding any new journals because we have had a much bigger objective: a completely new PEP-Web platform!

Among many new features, the new PEP-Web will adapt to your browser size allowing you to take advantage of larger windows, while also providing better navigation and viewing on smaller windows, including mobile phones and tablets.  It will also have many personalization features, which will allow you to customize the organization of the information and the style settings of the interface.  You will be able to save favorites lists, as well as to keep a list of items you want to read later.  It will also, for the first time, have a multilingual interface: as we add new translations, you will be able to set in your preferences your choice of language for the user interface.  Of course, that doesn’t directly apply to the articles in PEP-Web.  They are still in the language in which they were published.  But as before, you can use the Google Chrome browser translation feature to automatically translate article content to any language Google supports.  Thankfully, the Google translation feature is “sticky” and can continue to automatically translate articles as you follow the links in PEP or otherwise switch between articles.

There are many more features, but we’ll save the list for our official announcement, which will come in the second quarter of 2021.  Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, a sneak preview of the new PEP-Web:

New PEP-Web Interface


About the PEP 2021 Release…

This new 2021 release of PEP-Web contains the complete text and illustrations of 78 premier journals in psychoanalysis, 100 classic psychoanalytic books, and the full text and Editorial notes of the 24 volumes of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud as well as the 19 volume German Freud Standard Edition Gesammelte Werke. It spans over 149 publication years and contains the full text of articles whose source ranges from 1871 through 2020. There are over 136 thousand articles and almost 18 thousand figures and illustrations that originally resided on 2494 volumes with over 1.2 million printed pages. In hard copy, the PEP Archive represents a stack of paper more than 393 feet high and weighing over 4 tons!