Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

We recently received a report that there was a problem in the author index.  The problem was that when the author clicked on their name in the author index, they saw papers that they did not author. However, this was not an error.  What was not apparent, from looking at the bibliographic listing of an authors work from the index, is that it also lists papers where you are a contributor.  In this example, the author was listed in the original journal as the editor of the book review.

Thinking about this, and how it might continue to confuse PEP-Web users, we decided to change the way the PEP-Web Author index works.  The information of other author roles described above is still maintained on each article; however:

  • only bibliographically listed authors–the ones you would use in a citation–are now included in the author index.
  • when clicking on a name in the author index, only papers where the name is one of the bibliographically listed papers will be included in the list of authored papers.

We hope you find the changed functionality easier to understand and use.