Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

The first two videos from the PEP/UCL Top Authors Project are now available in the video area!

We’ve also made a few changes to the PEP-Web website: we’ve reorganized the menu, and placed some of the options at the top of PEP-Web.  The idea was to make the support options easier to find, and the new data error reporting form option more convenient.

Here’s why it needs to be convenient: if you find an error in the data on PEP-Web, you should select (highlight) the erroneous text BEFORE you click the “Report a Data Error” option.  The text you select will be automatically included in the form, as will the address of the article in which you have found the error.  Sometimes, errors are reproduced directly from the original article, so it’s helpful to tell us whether you’ve checked it against the original.  You can tell us that in the “Explain why you think this is an Error” field of the form.

And there’s more to come…in a few weeks we will publish the 2016 Release of PEP-Web!