Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

As promised, we are going to be adding new features to PEP throughout 2015.

Today we rolled out a new feature to the IJPOpen Table of Contents where you can change the default presentation order from Section (category) based, to sort instead by the Most Recent articles first, or the articles with the Most Recent Comments first.  Since IJPOpen is generally updated weekly and comments can be added any time, this will make it very easy to see what’s new!

Just use the “Sort By” pull down menu in the gray information area above the journal to select the sort order.  The sort order is retained for the current session or until you change it again.

Of course, don’t forget you can also keep up with what’s new by signing up for New Article Alerts and New Comments Alerts!

  • New Article Alerts: IJPOpen subscribers receive automatic email alerts whenever new articles are added.
  • New Comments Alerts: To receive an email alert whenever a paper gets a new comment, click on the paper, scroll to the bottom of the page (at the end of the comments) and click “Subscribe”.

New Article Alerts can also be set up so you can be notified of PEP Journal updates as well.

And lastly, don’t forget to check the What’s New section of the PEP Tab for general information on what journal issues have been added most recently.