Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Web 2021: Fielded Search

Fielded search allows one of the PEP schema fields to be specified, followed by search criteria.

Text Fields (full-text searchable fields)

These fields can be searched using word search methods, including boolean search and proxmity.

  • dreams – areas of documents identified as a description or the content of a dream
  • dialogs – discussions between identified speakers
  • headings – document section headings at all levels (not title area)
  • keywords – journal published list of relevant, descriptive concepts and words
  • notes – document sections identified as notes
  • panels – currently not used; TBD or TBDeleteed
  • poems – document sections identified as poems
  • references – the reference/bibliography section(s) of a document
  • quotes – document areas containing block quotes

String Fields (character data).

These fields can be searched using exact matches only. But you can use boolean logic.


volume:21 OR 30

year:[1999 TO 2000]

The following field names contain character data (strings).

  • language – These are codes like en, de, fr. The current breakdown is:
    • “en”,93955, “de”,17834, “fr”,10379, “it”,6872, “es”,4942, “nl”,1889, “tr”,628, “cs”,527, “el”,68, “zh”,13, “ko”,10, “he”,1
  • source – name of the journal, book, or video series the document is from
  • sourcecode – PEP code for the source of the journal, book, or video series the document is from
  • sourcetype – Whether the source is a journal, book, or videostream

Numeric Fields

The following fields are numeric. They can be search for a number, or a range, using Solr syntax, e.g.,

art_pgcount:[10 TO 20]

Articles with page counts greater or equal to 10 and less than or equal to 20


art_pgcount:[10 TO *]

(10 pages or more)

  • art_abs_count – count of abstracts and summaries
  • art_kwds_count – number of keywords
  • art_ftns_count – number of footnotes
  • art_terms_count – number of glossary terms found
  • art_quotes_count – number of markedblock quotations
  • art_dreams_count – number of marked dreams
  • art_dialogs_count – number of marked dialogs
  • art_notes_count – number of marked notes
  • art_poems_count – number of marked poems
  • art_citations_count – number of reference citations
  • art_headings_count – number of headings
  • art_paras_count – number of paragraphs
  • art_chars_count – number of characters
  • art_chars_no_spaces_count – number of characters, without counting spaces
  • art_words_count – number of words
  • art_authors_count – number of authors for the document
  • art_pg_count – number of pages
  • art_tbl_count – number of tables
  • art_fig_count- number of figures
  • art_reference_count (can also use reference_count) – number of bibliographic references
  • volume – number of the journal or book volume
  • year – publication year