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The Search Tab lets you search the entire contents of PEP-Web, the archive and current collections–in seconds. Moreover, you get instant feedback while you enter search terms. Click on the Search Tab on the left-hand side to access the search template which is shown below. The Search Tab allows for searches by context and content. Before searching, you must decide which search criteria you are going to complete. You can complete as few or many criteria as you wish. However the more criteria you complete the narrower and more specific your search will be. On the other hand, if you are too specific, you find less, and potentially miss what you are looking for.

  • Author: Enter the last name of the author. You can optionally include a first initial, e.g., “Kernberg, O” Include the comma as shown. Do not enter the author’s first name. As you type, a word wheel will drop down and show you matching names in the database!
  • Title: Enter portions of the title of the book or article. As you type, a word wheel matches individual words found in titles.
  • Year: Enter the publication year, or a range for the publication year of the book or article.
  • Source: The journal or books you want to search.  You can either select “All Sources”, “Classic Books” (which is all books in PEP-Web), or an individual journal.
  • Language: Select a specific language if you want to restrict the search, for example, to German sources.
  • Type: Articles are divided into types:
    • Abstract: A summary of an article
    • Announcements: News
    • Article: A scholarly article, book, or chapter, not falling into one of the other specialized categories.
    • Commentary: Editorials, Responses, Critiques
    • Errata: Published corrections
    • Profile: Biographies and Obituaries
    • Report: Meeting Minutes and Notes
    • Review: Book and Movie Reviews
  • Cited – Search for articles/books which have been cited by other articles at least as many times as specified, in the last 5 years.
  • Viewed – Search for articles/books which have been viewed on PEP-Web at least as many times as specified, in the last {week, month, six months, or year}.
  • Sort – Changes the order of the results by Rank (default), Author, Year, Title, or Source. Rank means how relevant the result was to your search compared to the other entries.
  • Search for Words or Phrases in Context – This searches for words or phrases in the text of the articles. Enter one or more words.
    • To search for phrases, use ”” around them.
    • When you enter two words without quotes around them, the implication is both must be found…that is, a “and” operator is implied.
    • If you want either word to be found, separate the words with the word ‘or’
    • For more information about using this field, see Search Syntax

For more info on searching: