Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

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PEP-Web contains the premier journals and classic books in psychoanalysis. PEP-Web is updated annually every January with new books and journal titles, and current journal issues are added as they are published.

PEP Archive Version 2020 (1871-2020) is the latest annual release from February 2020.

Embargoed Content: Due to contracts with publishers, there is a three to five year embargo on most current content.  For the embargoed years, only abstracts and article summaries may be read on PEP-Web. However, the full text of all years is still completely searchable, making it easy to find relevant articles.  To see the list of journal embargo dates go here.

Customer Support, subscription, access, and login issues, etc:  Support for login and access issues is available depending on your type of subscription. Click here for more information.

Reporting Data Errors: If you have discovered a data error – typing error, missing words, misspelled author name, missing articles etc., there’s an integrated reporting mechanism on PEP-Web.

    • From the page where you have located the error, click on the Help icon “?” on the main toolbar and from the dropdown list click on “Report a Data Error”
    • The article location will already be loaded into the form. Fill out the rest of the form and do so as fully as you can. PEP is very grateful for comments that help us to improve the quality of the database.
    • Please note, PEP-Web no longer has an Author Index. Now, when you type in an author’s name using the new search features, the system has been engineered to be able to pick up all ways of presenting it. When journal articles or books are added to the archive, the author area is not changed to make author names more consistent than they were in the printed publications (e.g., sometimes author names are published in different ways, with or without middle initials), thus author’s names can only be updated if what is presented on PEP-Web differs from the actual publication. In this case, please report it as a data error.

Further help and support: