Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Author Index

PEP-Web includes a complete index of authors. You first select the first letter of the last name in the left pane, and then you’ll see a list of matching authors on the right. Clicking on any author’s name shows a list of papers for that author.

The Author Index has been recently changed to use more complete author names.  Instead of

Last Name, First and Middle Initials

the new form is:

Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial

This was done in order to reduce the number of “collisions” where two or more authors are pooled together in the index because they have the same last name and given name initials. However, for those authors whose full names were published inconsistently, e.g., some with initials and some with full first names, and with and without middle initials, there now may be more than one entry in the index for the author.

If you see an error in the Author index, especially with your own entries, you can use this form to submit a change request to harmonize the listing to a single form of your name (or an author you are very familiar with).  Note that changes are made to the index itself, not to the underlying articles.  If there’s an error in authors names in the article itself, such that it differs on PEP-Web from the actual publication, please report it as a data error.  Click here to report an error in the author index

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