Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Click on the Journals or Books Tab on the left in your browser while working with PEP-Web for a full list of the PEP-WEB content.

Browsing by Journal and Volume. Click on the Journal tab to the left. You will see a complete list of journals available. Next, click on the journal you want to browse, and you’ll see a list of volumes and corresponding years for that journal. Lastly, click on the volume, and you’ll get a complete Table of Contents for that volume. Click on the article to read that article. While reading the article, you will be in the Document Tab and the left browsing list will not be shown. To get back to the browsing mode, click the Contents Tab at the top

Browsing Books. Click on the Books Tab to the left. You will see a complete list of books available. Next, click on the book you want to access, and it will open in the main Document Tab. If you are not a subscriber, or you are not logged in, you will only see the very beginning of the book. To get back to the browsing mode, click the Home Tab at the top.

Searching. The Search Tab on the left can be used to search the FULL TEXT of all the content on PEP-WEB, including both PEP Archive and PEP Current Content (2010 and newer). The search is FREE: you don’t need to login to search or read abstracts and summaries of books and articles, or the first few paragraphs when an abstract isn’t available.

Help! To get more detailed help, click “Help” at the bottom of the PEP-WEB window. (Note that the help pages are currently being updated and may not reflect the most recent look of PEP-WEB.)

What can I Access?

Everyone can search and browse. Everyone has access to the tables of contents, the abstracts (or first few paragraphs if there isn’t an abstract). In other words, if you don’t have a subscription, you can browse and perform full text search of the entire archive, but only the abstracts or first 1000 characters or so of the article will be accessible.

PEP Archive subscribers can view the complete text of journal volumes through 2009 (as available) and all books. To view the complete text of the articles, you must be logged in. If you see “Logout” to the left of the Home Tab then the system has recognized and authenticated your rights. If you see the text “Login”, click it to authenticate or for further information as to how to sign in.

24 hour pass available. If you are not yet a subscriber but need instant access, PEP now offers a low cost 24 hour pass to all the journals in the archive (through 2009). Note that this does not include access to the books. Please see:

PEP Current Content (2010 – present) is always searchable, but access is limited. If you are a PEP Archivesubscriber only, you will not be able to read articles after 2009, which are part of PEP Current Content. The PEP Archive contains books and articles through the end of 2009. Current Content volumes are those afterwards. Click here for more information on PEP Current Content.