Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Web 2021 Infocards

PEP-Web 2021 Infocards are small card or box like areas which present specific data or data relevant to the document you are viewing. You must be logged in to use most of these.

Current Infocards include:
  • Expert Picks
    • A daily article is selected from PEP-Web content which is particularly significant in ideas or impact, or otherwise of significant interest to the PEP-Web community.
    • A daily graphic is selected based on its visual interest or connection to an important article or key psychoanalytic concept. The caption beneath the graphic links to the article.
  • Favorites – A user defined list, use the heart icon next to a document to save that article to your favorites list. You must be logged in.
  • Glossary Terms
  • Latest Video
  • More Like These
  • Most Cited
  • Most Viewed
  • Publisher Info
  • Read Later – A user defined list, use the bookmark icon next to a document to save that article to your read later list.
  • Related Documents – When articles are published as a group, they are linked together by a code, which allows the set to be displayed in this infocard, when you are reading one of the articles from the set.
  • Documents
  • Topical Video – A video selected by PEP as part of the Expert Theme or a topical theme.
  • What’s New – Documents added to PEP-Web within the previous period, usually one week