Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Web 2021: Advanced Search

Advanced search allows all the search features of the underlying search engine, Solr, to be used in conjunction with our data. You can use Solr query syntax in conjunction with our entire schema. One important difference between Advanced Search and normal smartsearch is that you can only use a single field qualifier in a smartsearch.

The Advanced Search implementation is still experimental, a work in progress.

The simple way to invoke Advanced Query is in SmartSearch, start the query with the string:


Please note the required double colon after adv

The enter a standard Solr query suitable for the “q” parameter of the Solr API.

A simple example:

adv::reference_count:[10 TO 20] AND title:Pleasure

More examples:

adv::ego AND -id AND -superego AND -Freud

adv::dreams:flying AND authors:Karpman

adv::dreams:flying AND superego