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Subscribing to IJP-es on PEP-Web

IJP en español  is exclusively available online on PEP-Web. An annual subscription gives access to the full text of all volumes published. To retain access you must retain your subscription.   

(Volumes of IJP en español which have been published for at least three years will be part of the PEP-Web Archive and so available to all PEP-Web subscribers.)

The individual annual subscription to IJP en español  is Euro €100.00 (USD $124.00) except for residents of Latin America who enjoy a discounted cost of USD $100.00.

If you are already a PEP subscriber with your own unique username and password, IJP en español can be added as a new order via your PaDS account.

If you are not a PEP subscriber or you access PEP-Web via a university or institution, you can create an account for free on our PaDS database and register for IJP en español here.