Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Web Librarian Info

*** Some old proxied URLs are still used by libraries and e-resource databases. Many of these have now been redirected to the correct new proxied URL, but please report any found not to be active. We are working with librarians to provide them with updated links. ***

EZProxy Stanza

HTTPHeader -request -process X-*
HTTPHeader -request -process Accept-Encoding
HTTPHeader -request -process Access-Control-Allow-Origin
HTTPHeader -request -process Origin
Option CookiePassThrough
Option Cookie

Once you have updated this information, please email your proxied URL (ex. to

PEP-Web’s Own ISSN

Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing’s collection on now has its own ISSN number.  It’s ISSN 2472-6982.  The number is also displayed at the bottom of the PEP-Web online pages.

List of PEP Books and Journals in MARC format

You can download the files here:

We are happy to receive feedback. How to report a data error or leave feedback.

The MARC file can be edited and supplemented using free MARC software, MarcEdit, which has a Z39.50 module to search for, and download Marc records. The MarcEdit software is here: MarcEdit Software Download

PEP-Web Bibliography

A 20MB file of bibliographic data for the articles that appear in PEP-Web is available to subscribers in REFER format, which can be imported into EndNote and other bibliography managers. The list is refreshed within 30 days after each major release of PEP (e.g., A1v9, A1v10, etc.)  To request access to the .refer file containing the full bibliography, please use the “Provide Feedback” form, accessed by clicking on the Help icon “?” on the main PEP-Web toolbar. You must have a PEP-Web subscription to request the full bibliography.

List of Videos

You can download the file here:

PEP OpenURL Support

Support for OpenURL 0.1 syntax for the new platform is currently in development. Updates will be posted here.