Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP Quick Search

The new PEP Quick Search entry field allows you to perform word and phrase searches of document content without first going to the search tab. It’s available at all times at the top of the PEP-Web page:


It also keeps a search history for you (when you clear your browser cookies, you clear the retained list of searches).  As you start typing, it will show you the previous entries.  To use one of those instead of what you’re typing, simply click on the one you want to use.


It supports the exact same search capabilities, scope, and rules as field on the search form Search for Words or Phrases in Context (Use Quotes for Phrases):



which means it also supports the advanced search syntax. So, for example, you can do these types of searches, right from the Quick Search entry box:


Search TextMeaning
transference and countertransferenceBoth words must be present
transference or countertransferenceEither word can be present
transference and not countertransferenceOnly transference must be present
transference w/5 countertransferenceTransference must occur within 5 words of countertransference
transference not w/5 countertransferenceTransference must not occur within 5 words of countertransference
apply~Search for apply or other forms of the word , including applied, applies. This is known as “Word Stemming”
~angerUse the PEP Thesaurus to expand anger with it's synonyms and search for matches to any of them.