Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

Logging In

There are four levels of access to PEP-Web based on whether you are logged in and your subscription:

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How do I log in?

  • If you are coming in from a university from a registered IP address or secure referral page you should not need to log in.  When you get to there should be an indication “Logout” at the top right of your screen.
    • Contact your university librarian in the event of problems.
  • If you have a personal subscription on your own account or through a Society or Institute:
    • Go to the PEP-Web page
    • Click “Login” which you will see at the top right of your screen, just to the left of the Home tab.login indicator
    • The Login page will display. In the Login box enter your username and password.  Note that passwords are case-sensitive.
    • Click the Login button
    • Once you clicked the Login box you will know you are logged in because Login at the top right of the screen will have changed to Logout.
  • If you are an OpenAthens user, the links for logging in are on the federation page here.

Do I need to log out?

  • If you are part of an institutional account, logging out when you are finished is a courtesy to your coworkers, since some accounts have a limited number of simultaneous users.
  • If you do not log out, after 10 minutes of inactivity the system will automatically log you out.

Problems Logging in?

    <li “>Why isn’t my password being accepted?
    <li “>Please note that passwords are case sensitive.
  • What if I forget my username and password?
    • Go to the PEP-Web page
    • Click “Login” which you will see at the top right of your screen, just to the left of the Home tab.
    • The blank “Login” boxes will appear, below these boxes you will see a section labelled, “Can’t remember your username and/or password?” Read the instructions you will find there and then click on, “please click here”, a new window will open taking you to the PaDS database.
    • Click on the button labelled “Click here” which appears next to the words, “Forgotten your Username / Password?”
    • Another box will then appear, asking you to enter your email address (please note, the email address you enter MUST be the one that PEP has on record for you). After you enter your email address, click on “Send.”
    • Within a few minutes your username and password will be emailed to you. To verify that you have done this correctly, at the bottom of the screen you will see a message that says, “Your username and password has been sent to your registered email address.”
    • If you do not receive this email, it might be getting caught by your spam filter. So please make sure to add the following email address to your allow/safe list:
  • <li “>What if I can’t see the whole article?

      <li “>It may just be that you are looking at a current article…If the article is recently published, there’s an embargo period where full text is not available (generally the most recent three years; five years for American Imago). <li “>Check whether you are logged in:
      <li “>If you are using a computer with an IP address registered with a university or similar organization (or through a secure server page) with a subscription then when you get to

      there should be an indication “Log Out” at the top right of your screen.
    logout indicator

    Logout Indicator

                                  If it says Login instead, you are not logged in.
    login indicator
    • It could be that the subscription for your organization has expired.  Please check with your organization’s support department for more information.
    • If you still believe you should be able to log in but are unable to do so, please consult the librarian or other official at your institution. Click here for full details of PEP’s subscription offers. Click here to order a subscription to PEP-Web or to one of the Journals in PEP CURRENT.