Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Easy – Preferences Dialog

The PEP-Easy Preferences dialog shown below allows you to customize the PEP-Easy Web-app to better suit your way of working, as well as to tweak aesthetics.

The options are:

  • Color theme – Select a color them to change the appearance of PEP-Easy,   Themes don’t change functionality, but can change the application colors, the fonts, the link colors, etc.
  • Font size – Select a font size that makes for comfortable reading on your device.
  • Articles per page for searches – Select the number of articles that will be listed in the results of searches
  • Application language – Select the language of the controls and messages that PEP-Easy presents.  Note that this does not change the language of the PEP-Web articles that are presented.  If you are using Google Translate to translate the articles themselves, it may not work properly unless English is selected for PEP-Easy itself.
  • Underline glossary terms – Select if you want terms that can be clicked to bring up the PEP Glossary to be underlined.   On mobile devices, this is the only way other than clicking to know which terms are linked to the glossary, since you can’t hover above the terms with your mouse (or finger) to reveal the links.
  • Justify text – Select if you want the article text to be justified to the right and left margins, rather than ragged (ending at various positions on the right).
  • Auto-broaden author/title search – Select if you want to automatically add a wildcard (“*”) to the author name and title fields of the search form.  This allows you to enter just a few letters of the name or word you are searching for
  • Stay logged-in – Select if you want the app to keep you logged in.  Do not select this option on a shared device or a public computer since it may let others use your account.
  • Skip abstracts – Select to have complete articles load initially, rather than just the abstract.  You may want to do this if you are on a slow connection, or if you prefer to use the app to download ePub or PDF versions, rather than reading directly in the Web app.
  • Compact search mode – Select the set of search fields you want to display in “Compact search mode”, which hides the other search fields to make better use of screen space on small devices (or just to keep focused on the fields that are important to you).  Clicking the heading “Search critieria (click for more options) to reveal the full search form.  The diagram below shows the options in the preference dialog and the corresponding look you’d see in the main window after selecting.  In any of these views, if you were to click “Search criteria (click for more options)” the fields would be expanded and you’d see them all.