Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Easy – Report Issues

To report a problem or make a suggestion about PEP-Easy, use the form at the bottom of this page. 

Some usage tips
Known problems to be addressed:
  • Some external reference links don’t yet work – e.g., links to a separate bibliography document in the PEP Glossary.
  • Interactive Transcripts for videos are not currently available.
  • Localization/Translations have been through a second pass (in Spanish), but may not yet be in good form (especially since new text is being added as development progresses).
  • Some of the popup dialogs don’t dismiss when you select a link in the form, you have to press close. This will be addressed where appropriate.
  • Downloading ePub on iOS with Google Chrome outright fails.  Safari shows that it doesn’t recognize the file type but provides a link to iBooks, which works correctly.
Things that look like problems, but are by design:
  • Selecting a new document while logged in brings up only the abstract.  You need to press Read to view the document.  However, inter-document links (via the reference section) will show the full document once you are logged in).  This is the browse model by design, but that design is under review.  Select “Skip Abstracts” in preferences to jump to the full article (including abstract) rather than first showing only the abstract.
  • Data coming back from the PEP-Web server (like the articles, and the search analysis) are not localized in the selected language.  In the long-term, we hope to support language translation of data.


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