Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

PEP-Easy Mobile Web Application

The PEP-Easy application is an alpha-level (“preview”) build of a mobile web app for PEP-Web.  It focuses on providing the key operations of PEP-Web in an easy to use interface which is better suited to the smaller screens of mobile devices.

A “mobile web app” is an application that runs in your browser.  However, with some browsers, like Google Chrome, you can add it to your home screen on your mobile device, and it will run “stand-alone” … without the usual browser framework, which effectively makes it behave like a stand-alone mobile app.  Unlike mobile apps, web apps do not need to be updated to use the latest enhancements.  This happens behind the scenes and automatically.

We are currently providing it to limited “alpha testers” for testing and comments on its functionality and interface.