Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)

We have developed a PEP Mobile Web App, which will make it more convenient to access PEP-Web on your tablets, phones and other mobile devices with smaller screens.  Like PEP-Web, you can search and read abstracts without logging in, but you need an account to read or download the full-text of articles.

We have the first version completed, and it’s ready for Beta testing.  Beta testing is a second phase of product development where we ask users to try it out and let us know how it works for you, both in terms of how you want to use an app like this, and how it works on your various mobile devices.  The app should run on all devices that support a recent version of any of the major browsers, but of course, we can’t test everything, so that is one reason for the Beta test.

While being in a format more suited to smaller devices than PEP-Web, it brings together most of your favorite PEP-Web features in an easy to use interface which can outpace PEP-Web in presentation speed.  It allows you to easily read on your browser, as well as download articles in PDF and ePub format.  The web app interface also has an internationalization feature that can be configured to display in Spanish or French.  The translations are preliminary…we are happy to hear any comments and corrections on how we’ve translated the text of the English interface.

We expect to release the web app officially in January.  Meanwhile, we encourage people to give it a try at  Note that with beta testing: it’s a live test, while we may update the app frequently to fix problems or adjust features, we may also temporarily break things that were working before.  Please understand this while using it–we appreciate your help and patience.  You can report any non-transient problems using the “Report a Problem” link on the menu of the web app.